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Selecting a bed bug exterminator in Toronto can be challenging. Killing bed bugs requires specialized knowledge, dedication and tools to get the job done right.

A pest control / bed bug exterminator should posses a special skill set and the tools to go along with those skills.

Toronto has a number of pest control companies that offer specialized bed bug extermination / fumigation services.

Reviews of bed bed extermination companies can be helpful but keep in mind that anyone can post a review - as with any industry there will be a small number of competitive individuals that post false negative reviews of a competitor.

Reviews of bed bug extermination companies on this site are VERIFIED before publishing.

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Please feel free to add comments and reviews of your bed bug exterminator - Pest control company. We are particularily looking for comments on Toronto based bed bug pest control extermination companies.

We ask that your reviews contain detailed comments on the bed bug service, price / cost of your bed bug treatment, success of the bed bugs treatment and general outcome of your pest control experience.

If your review is less than positive, please be detailed and explain why you have written your review and add comments on how you think the bed bug exterminator, in your view, could have done a better job.


  1. Rachel19/4/11

    I'm using (actually found them on this site, they advertise here too)

    So far very good experience with them. Between treatments right now. first treatment was thorough, when we came home you could tell the guy did a good job - stuff moved around etc.

    1. M. & T. Schofield10/9/12

      We had a good experience with them too. Very friendly and spent a lot of time giving us advice etc. Most importantly, they got rid of our bed bugs problem! We would recommend them.

  2. Bugs 'R' Gone laundry did our bed bug laundry... Happy with the service - a bit pricy but well worth it for us.

  3. Stacey M.16/10/12 was absolutely wonderful!

    We thought it would be a complete nightmare to get rid of our bed bug problem after reading so many horror stories on the net but when we called Lynne gave us so much helpful information and was so patient with us that it calmed us right down, we set up an appointment and they did everything they said they would do.

    Very very happy with this company and we would recommend them.

  4. J. - K. Mississauga27/12/12

    Agree with Stacey M.!

    Toronto sent in Dan Morgan to fix our bed bug problem - He was absolutely wonderful. He told us he was the owner of the company and he spent a full hour talking to us after his inspection and found a bunch of them under our box spring in the master bedroom. We were completely freaked out!!!! I can't begin to tell you our horror when he showed us all the bugs and black stuff around them! (he said it was their 'fecal matter' (poop). At that moment I felt like a complete failure as a mom and a homeowner because we are so clean and our house is spotless! Dan explained that bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness and that anyone can and do get them - regardless of hygiene. I heard what he was saying but it wasn't really registering in my mind - I was in shock!

    I started to cry and my husband couldn't console me.. I hate bugs! The thought that we had them for a few months was too much for me to deal with.

    Dan spent so much time with us and calmed me down. My husband was grateful for that (I think they did some sort of male bonding at that moment, must be a guy thing). I can laugh about it now but it was no laughing matter at the time I can assure you.

    Dan meticulously explained what he was going to do and how he would do it, it made us feel so much more confident.

    Our bed bugs are gone now and we've put this thing behind us but we wanted to write and say thank you so very much to Dan. We followed up by phone with him a few times with some questions and we feel that we got to know him. He told us that he used to be an airline pilot (now retired from flying)... we think he should be a therapist because he didn't just get rid of our bed bugs, he really helped us get through this thing emotionally too.

    Jonathan and I recommend this company so highly that words simply cannot do justice.

    We're not putting our full names here because we don't want anyone to know that we had this problem but, Dan and Lynne, we hope you read this and know that our gratitude is unbounding.

  5. T. Johnstone8/4/13

    Greentech Bug Heat treated for us and they were absolutely great!

    A bit pricey but it was worth it to us.. No more bed bugs.

  6. B. Woodhall31/5/13

    Green Tech bug heat did our bed bug extermination yesterday. They were great!


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