Bed bug dog Toronto - Bed bug dog inspection

Bed bug detection dog Toronto
Think you might have bed bugs? Waking up with unexplained bites? Have you looked around your bedroom and can't find anything?

You need a bed bug dog inspection!

Bed bugs can be hard to find! Especially when dealing with a new problem. The earlier stages of a bed bug's life present as very tiny bugs and they can be very difficult to see with the untrained eye.

Bed bug eggs are almost impossible to see, even if you know what to look for.

Enter the bed bug detection dog. These dogs are trained to sniff out even one bug or tiny little egg - and they can do it quickly!

The bed bug detection dog is relatively new to the inspection scene and have only been around for a few years. Their training is conducted much in the same way as bomb or drug detection dogs are trained.

The highest certification that a bed bug detection dog and handler can attain is that governed by NESDCA the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. The dogs and their handlers are certified as a bed bug detection team utilizing strict guidelines and stringent testing. At this time,  NESDCA certification can only be obtained in the United States at only a few select locations. Operators from other countries (like Canada) invest significant amounts of time and large sums money in their bed bug dog program. Bed bug sniffing dogs can achieve close to 100% accuracy in a very short period of time and can conduct inspections in large areas such as movie theaters and hospitals - quickly with great success.
The bed bug dog can be used to accomplish a number of things. By far, most are used to a great extent to confirm (or not) that a bed bug infestation has made its way into a home, apartment or other living area. But, bed bug detection is also extensively used in hotels and other public areas as an ongoing bed bug prevention plan. Regular visits are made to these facilities to detect a bed bug problem in the early stages - this makes it much easier to rectify should one be detected.

Of late, more people are considering using bed bug dog detection to inspect a new home, condominium or apartment before moving in. In Toronto, there is not yet any legislation that requires a seller to disclose that there are bed bugs affecting the property that is for sale and savvy home buyers are realizing the importance of having a bed bug dog inspection prior to closing the deal.

The fight against bed bugs Toronto continues. Using a specially trained bed bug inspection dog is a wonderful and powerful tool that is being used more and more assist in that fight.

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