Bed bugs Toronto Apartments Tenant's Page

Bed Bugs Toronto Apartments
Many tenants living in Toronto apartments are suffering with bed bugs.

Often, the property management is slow to act to solve the bed bug problem but there are many Toronto landlords that take the bed bug problem seriously and do their best to deal with bed bug elimination.

There are laws in Ontario that govern the responsibilities of landlords and tenants with respect to pest control (including bed bug infestations in apartments). A simple Google search for landlord and tenant responsibilities results in good information that is easily obtained.

If you are a tenant living in Toronto and you have bed bugs in your apartment, contact your landlord and / or property management office and ask for help. It is in the best interest of the apartment owner to eliminate bed bugs from their building, quickly and effectively.

An apartment building owner may have a pest control company on contract to deal with general pest control issues that will deal with the bed bug problem, or they may choose to contact a bed bug specialist to deal with the problem.

In a large residential apartment setting, the owner may choose to have a whole building inspection conducted to determine the scope of bed bug infestation throughout the building. This is best done with a bed bug detection dog. 

A bed bug inspection dog can find bed bugs quickly, in many units with very high accuracy and is quite economical for the apartment building owner as well. This type of inspection helps the apartment building owner by pinpointing exactly where the bugs are and helps the exterminator do their job with much greater efficiency.

Bed bugs are being found in Toronto apartments more often. If you are a tenant in an apartment building and you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your unit, contact your building management sooner than later, let them know what you are experiencing and work together to solve the problem.