Don't despair... You're in good company!

Did you just find out you've got bed bugs in Toronto? Don't despair... You're in good company!

The bed bug problem in Toronto is growing at a furious pace. Not restricted to any one particular socio-economic group, bed bugs are affecting people from all walks now more than ever!

The typical route of a bed bug exterminator may see him in a boarding house one moment, a small two bedroom apartment in the downtown core the next and a multi-million dollar mansion after that - all in the same day!

Yes, it is true that there still remains a social stigma attached to having bed bugs, as the problem grows and is exposed to more media attention, more people will realize that there is simply nothing to be ashamed of. This can happen to anyone - and does, hundreds of times every single day of the week.

What to do?

Find a reputable, licensed bed bug exterminator (there is a good selection in Toronto) to do the job and follow their advice. Do what they recommend and it will greatly increase the likelyhood of a positive result.

Bed bugs are tough to get rid of! They are resilient and can live for unbelievable amounts of time between meals if they are forced to do so. They can become resistant to pesticides (even the 'good' ones) and are masters at evading them.

Even a reputable and licensed exterminator that truly has your best interests in mind may have to do a few treatments to solve the problem even if you've done everything that they've suggested to help (laundering, prep etc.).

Bed bugs can be beaten with the right knowledge, persistance and sometimes more than a bit of work.