Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto - Make sure they have a license!

Toronto bed bug exterminators are many and most are very good at what they do. Although service offerings differ slightly with respect to service call wait times, follow-up visits and price, generally speaking, Toronto bed bug exterminators are reliable, professional and hold safety and professionalism to be paramount.

Recently there has been a great deal of major mainstream media coverage of the bed bug problem in Toronto. There is no doubt that bed bugs are fast becoming the city's scurge.

Beware of a company that offers only 'green' solutions to a bed bug problem - This usually means that they do not have a license to apply a registered pesticide.

A company that offers it's services as an 'exterminator' without being licensed as one is breaking the law in Ontario. Only a licensed exterminator that works for a company that posseses an 'Operator Certificate' can legally apply a pesticide in your home. To hold an 'Operator Certificate' the company must be properly insured and is vetted by the M.O.E. in a number of important ways. The Ontario government Ministry Of The Environment regulates the licensing of Exterminators and the companies that they work for.

Remember, it is up to you to educate yourself before you let someone into your home. Make sure that your 'exterminator' is licensed by asking to see it when they arrive. Better yet, ask for the Operator Certificate number by phone when you call to book your appointment.