Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto - Necessary steps to exterminating Bedbugs

Got bed bugs in Toronto? 
You need a good bed bug exterminator

Here's what you need to know:

Bed bugs have been with us (humans) for a very long time and they have become a very big problem in the Toronto area in the last few years.

If you are suffering from bed bugs in Toronto and are looking to exterminate and rid yourself of your bedbug problem consider the following:

1) You need a reputable and professional bed bug pest control exterminator

2) You should treat your laundry or have it treated professionally to eliminate the bed bugs

Your bed bug exterminator should agree to spray twice. The first spray should kill most if not all of the bed bugs that currently live in your home. The second spray should take place 10 to 14 days later to kill the bed bugs that have hatched since the first spray took place but before the those new bed bugs have matured enough to lay more eggs. This is referred to as 'breaking the life-cycle'.

There are a number of reputable bed bug exterminators in the Toronto area that will do this properly.

Your laundry articles that have come into contact with the bed bugs and their eggs should be treated professionally. Often, people will have their bed bug problem exterminated but find later that some bugs/eggs still remained in their clothing, bedding or even drapes and, although their bedbug exterminator did their job correctly, the problem came back (or more accurately, wasn't actually gone) and they found themselves right back to square one.

Bugs'R'Gone Laundry specializes in treating laundry articles for bed bugs.

The timing of your bed bug extermination should be co-ordinated with the laundering of your bed bug infested laundry.

Your laundry should be picked up just before your bed bug exterminator arrives to do his/her job. This serves two functions; Your laundry will be on it's way to being cleansed of the bed bugs and your living space will be de-cluttered thus making it easier for your bed bug exterminator to do their job.

When choosing a bed bug exterminator in Toronto, ensure that they are able to service you quickly. It is not acceptable for you to be told that you must wait a week to receive a service call. Your bed bug exterminator should be able to arrive within 48 hours of your request for bed bug service. Most bed bug exterminators in Toronto will arrive the next day and schedule your follow-up extermination during the initial call with you.


  1. Anonymous9/7/10

    Been dealin with these damn bugs for three months!!!!


  2. Tim Bennet9/7/10

    I found this blog for bed bugs here in Toronto. Good site but could use more content / comments.

    I was dealing with bed bugs for two months before I could afford to get rid of them. Saved up and called (what turned out to be) a good company.

    Royal forest pest did a good job for us. It's only a two bedroom apartment but they did a thorough job. Good bed bug exterminators.

    Couldn't afford the laundry service so after 8 hours in the laundromat our problem is finally gone.


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