Bed bug mattress covers Toronto - What should I buy?

Bed bug mattress covers Toronto

Bed bug mattress cover reviews

In this section we will review bed bug mattress covers, otherwise known as bed bug mattress encasements.

Bed bug mattress encasements - What do they do?

A bed bug mattress encasement is simply a 'device' or 'cover' that wraps around your entire mattress and prevents bed bugs from re-infesting the mattress. In addition, the encasement also prevents any bed bugs that might be hiding in the mattress or under the folds of the mattress to escape once encased. Any bed bug eggs that might be present are also encased such that the resulting bed bugs, once hatched, are unable to escape the cover.

Bed bug specific covers also prevent any trapped bed bugs from feeding on the unwitting individual that might be sleeping on the mattress. Encasements are always bright white so as to assist one in seeing any bed bug fecal matter that may be deposited on them from bed bugs that might still be on or in the vicinity of the mattress. This assists in detection subsequent to any bed bug treatments that may have been performed.

What kind of bed bug cover should I buy in Toronto?

When looking at bed bug mattress covers, don't forget that box spring encasements are as necessary as a mattress cover. There is no sense in covering your mattress if the bugs are infesting your box spring. In fact, it is more common to find bedbugs in the box spring than in the mattress itself!

When selecting an encasement, there are a number of factors that you should consider. The first is to make sure that the cover is labeled for use against bed bugs specifically. Otherwise it probably won't work! Make sure to select the correct size to properly fit your mattress and box spring.

How much to bed bug mattress encasements cost in Toronto?

As with most things in life you get what you pay for. Lower end mattress covers are made out of vinyl and tend to split after a short period of time. These types are also uncomfortable to sleep on and make crinkling sounds when slept on. These should be avoided. The better type of covers are made of a poly-knit fabric, are stretchable yet strong, have a zipper that secures completely and an adhesive tab that secures the zipper when done up tightly.

The cost of mattress encasements in Toronto varies according to a number of things. Size, quality and type of fabric that is used to manufacture the covers. A low-end mattress encasement should run you around $60 whereas a higher-end product (more comfortable and durable) can run as much as $170 for a King size with a 16 inch pillow-top. The important thing to remember is to purchase an encasement that fits and that will last for at least a couple of years.

Pillow covers specific to bed bugs are also available.

How do I use bed bug mattress covers?

If you are combating bed bugs in your home you should buy and use bed bug mattress covers... Period! Allow your bed bug extermination company to treat your mattress' and box springs and then put the covers on right away. Do not take the covers off for at least 18 months - for any reason or you risk being re-infested.

Regardless of which type of bed bug mattress cover you elect to buy, remember that buying them and using them is of extreme importance in your effort to get rid of bed bugs. The importance of the utilization of these covers cannot be over stressed.

Bed bug mattress covers are an integral part of bed bug elimination. Buy them, use them properly and your chances of a positive outcome in your bed bug removal efforts increase significantly.