Toronto Bed Bugs Inspection - Bed Bugs Toronto Apartments

Think you might have bed bugs in Toronto but you're not sure?

You need a bed bug inspection!

Here's the scenario:

You've awoken to find 'bites' on your body for the last few days now... itchy and a little red - Could it be hives? Mosquito bites? How about a spider lurking in the night?

Bed bug bites
You've gone to the doctor and he's not familiar with what you are presenting with... what to do now?

Look at the 'bites', are they grouped? If so, how many in a group? Are they in a line or in a circular pattern?

Here's what you need to know:

1) Bed bug bites are most often found in groups of three. They may be grouped in a line or in a circular pattern.
2) Bed bug bites are most often itchy - very itchy!
3) Bed bug bites do not have a little red ring around them - that's what spider bites leave behind.

Bed bugs feed every 7 to 9 days. It is quite common for someone to wake up and find bed bug bites and then have no signs of them again for just over a week - then see more, much more!

A bed bugs inspection may be in order. The fastest most economical way to detect bed bugs is through the use of  bed bug sniffing dogs. Bed bug dogs, also known as K-9 bed bug detection dogs can sniff out bed bugs and their eggs very accurately - close to 100% of the time. A K-9 bed bug inspection can detect a bedbug problem quickly and at the beginning stages of the infestation.

If you suspect that you might have bed bugs...Call a professional immediately! Why? Because bed bugs multiply very quickly... every day that goes by without treating for bed bugs simply makes the problem harder to solve.