CONSUMER WARNING: Toronto Bed Bug Scam Alert!

CONSUMER WARNING: Toronto Bed Bug Scam Alert!

Are you considering hiring an 'exterminator' that says he'll get rid of your bed bugs using just a steamer? ...Don't waste your money!

There are a number of new 'companies' in Toronto that have popped up in the last month that are misleading Torontonians into thinking that their bed bug problem can be solved by 'steaming' a room or two. Be forewarned - you're probably wasting your money!

Here's why you SHOULD NOT hire someone like this:

1) These 'exterminators' are usually NOT licensed
For the most part, these are simply savvy individuals who went out and bought a steamer and started calling themselves an 'exterminator' to try and make a quick buck off of unsuspecting people who need real help. They are dupping people into thinking that they're getting a great deal and that it's "green" to boot. Problem is - it usually doesn't work!

2) They are simply not trained

Steaming, while an effective method of killing bed bugs is only so if the steam actually contacts the bugs and eggs - every bug and every egg - and for the required length of time to achieve the kill. There is almost no chance that (even a properly trained and skilled) person could achieve complete bed bug eradication in an entire house with a steamer alone. Bed bugs don't always limit themselves to bedrooms! Steaming, while a great tool in the fight is simply only one tool that should be used in conjunction with others (pesticides, dusts etc.)

3) The 'scam' is in the details

These unscrupulous individuals are claiming "100 Satisfaction" and only using a steamer (and sometimes dust) but only 'treating' one room or two. Every experienced, legitimate exterminator knows that the bugs and eggs are easily transported throughout a dwelling - and are found in areas, rooms and furniture that one would not normally think they would be. There are only two ways to properly treat for bed bugs; The traditional residual, steam, vacuum and dust or the full-dwelling heat treatment. Steaming is only one tool that is used in conjunction with other methods by legitimate companies.

4) They prey on those with lower income

Because these illegitimate 'exterminators' charge so little yet make such lofty, rediculous claims they often take advantage of those who simply cannot afford to be exploited.

Becoming a licensed exterminator in Ontario involves Ministry certification and oversight. The certification conducted with direction through the University of Guelph. A number of examinations must be passed with a minimum of 75% on both. These examinations ensure that your legitimate technician knows what he's doing and will do it safely.

Don't be scammed - Hire a professional!

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