Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto - Don't get burned, Do your homework!

Bed bug heat treatments in Toronto are not all equal

Toronto bed bug exterminators are using heat to kill bed bugs throughout the city more and more.

Using thermal treatments of an entire home can be effective in bed bug control but there are a few things that you should know before selection a heat treatment company. Educate yourself before selection a company.

Compare bed bug treatments carefully

To date there are three different ways to conduct a thermal bed bug treatm, each utilizing different equipment.

The three types of heat equipment are as follows:
  1. Propane
  2. Electric
  3. Heat Transfer Glycol or HTF
Let's take a look at all three.

The propane system was the first to be introduced into the market and showed promise. It was the 'trailblazer' so to speak and introduced the bed bug exterminator companies to the idea of using heat to kill bed bugs.

There are, however, some significant drawbacks to this type of system. Firstly, the system is essentially inefficient as it draws cold outside air to be heated and much of the heat is lost in transferring into the treatment space.

Secondly, there is an inherent danger in using propane in and around a home its contents.

Finally, the combustion gasses resulting from using propane heaters vents into the home.

The propane system gets high marks for being the first but there are much better alternatives that have come along since.

The second type of bed bug heat system to come along is powered by simple electric heaters. These heaters are physically brought into the home for treatment.

Some companies bring along their own high-powered generator that stays outside and powers the system whereas other companies elect to use the homeowners own household power to run the system.

Electric bed bug heat systems are the most inefficient on the market. They take a long time to heat the treatment space and must be left on for up to twice the time of other systems due to their relative low BTU output.

The primary benefit to an electric system is that it can be brought into very high-rise apartment units to treat the bed bug problem.

The significant negative safety aspects of the electric system outweigh the above mentioned benefit. Having high-voltage electric heater units inside a home poses an obvious fire hazard and risk of electrocution.

The latest entry into the bed bug heat treatment market in Toronto is the HTF Glycol based system.

This system uses a closed-loop heat transfer fluid which is safely heated outside of the home and pumped through to a series of 'heat transfer units' that are strategically placed into the treatment area. This system operates much like a radiator system.

The glycol system heat the fluid quickly and to a much hotter temperature than any other system. The temperature is computer controlled from the heat unit located outside. The fact that the HTF can be precisely controlled means that the system can be easily suited to any condition.

In addition, this type of system poses absolutely NO safety risk to the home or homeowner. In fact, the HTF fluid is not harmful to the environment and the system burners can actually operate on B5 Biodiesel.

The Glycol HTF system is by far the best!

If you're facing a bed bug problem you should seriously consider heat as a treatment. When done correctly and with the right equipment it should easily be able to rectify your problem in only a few hours on that same day.

The fight against bed bug in Ontario and Toronto in particular continues. Now we have an even better alternative to pesticides... Heat!

One Toronto based company that utilizes that utilizes the HTF bed bug heat system is GreenTech. You can visit them here:


  1. Anonymous25/2/11


    The Province of Ontario has made a website to help people with their bed bug problem.

    It recommends going with a licensed company that uses pesticides - confirms the accuracy of this post.

  2. Anonymous1/3/11

    Did it work?

  3. I had one neighbour tell me he was sure just putting the mattress outside would kill the bedbugs. Seriously!

    I wish people would read more and understand pesticides and mattress covers aren't A solution they're THE solution.

  4. Darren P.25/12/12

    I have bedbugs, just found a few last night. I live in Mississagua Ontario. Does Greentech service my area?

  5. Anonymous27/1/13

    Heat treatment is the ONLY way to go!!! It works!


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