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Royal Forest Pest Control
Looking for a full service bed bug pest control in Toronto?

Royal Forest Pest Control is a reputable full service bed bug exterminator located in Toronto that has an 'A' Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The integrated approach to get rid of bed bugs consists of an initial two treatments that comprise a full crack and crevice treatment in all rooms of the house and treatment of all furniture in those rooms (with the exception of the kitchen - a perimeter is done there) for each treatment when necessary. The two bed bug treatments are spaced 10 to 14 days apart and are designed to 'break the life cycle' of the bed bug infestation.

In certain circumstances a steam treatment of bedroom furniture may compliment the chemical bed bugs treatment. Steam can be a very effective method of killing bed bug eggs. Royal Forest will not apply pesticides to baby furniture, thence a thorough steaming of those articles is accomplished. Heat, when applied correctly, will kill bed bugs and their eggs and a professional bed bug specific steamer is utilized to do the job.

In addition to proper and professional bed bug extermination, it is very important to properly process bed bug infested laundry. Part of Royal Forest Pest Control is a laundry division.

The bed bug laundry is processed utilizing professional washers and computerized, high efficiency computerized gas dryers. Royal Forest dries the bed bug laundry at 180 degrees for one full hour - more than enough to do the trick.

Finally, a proper preparation of the bed bug infested home is an essential element of getting rid of bed bugs. Decluttering, moving of the furniture away from the walls by about a foot, emptying of dresser drawers and removal of light switch and electrical outlet cover plates and propping up of the mattresses and box springs are necessary to give the bed bug exterminator proper access to areas that must be treated.

Some people are unable to properly prepare their home for bed bug extermination or simply do not have the time to do so.

Royal Forest Pest Control has a 'Prep' division that will send out a team of two who are specifically trained to prepare a home for bed bug treatment.

If professional bed bug treatment / extermination in Toronto is what you're after, you can contact Royal Forest Pest Control at (647) 866-2253 or click on this link