Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto - Don't get burned!

Bed bug heat treatment Toronto
Heat is great but do your homework!

Well well well... the competition for your bed bug killing dollar is sure heating up in Toronto - excuse the punn but we couldn't resist!

As the bed bug problem continues to grow in Toronto more and more upstarts are popping up... Now we're seeing companies that have been using electric and other types of heaters to get rid of mould in the past now advertising that they'll come in and kill your bed bugs.

OK, let's look at this for a moment... ALL of it.
It is true that raising the temperature of a dwelling to the required temperature (thermal kill range) will kill bed bugs but only if it's done quickly enough to 'catch' them before they're driven deep into the walls. Like anything, if it's done right it may work, if not - you're likely in worse shape than before....The important thing here is to use a company that uses the right equipment to get the job done right!

Thinking of bed bugs heat treatment in Toronto?

Some things you should be aware of:

Don't be fooled by claims of these new Toronto bed bug heat treatment companies that pesticides will somehow harm you! Pesticides that are approved for use in Canada are completely safe when applied as per the label and appropriate regulations.

Risk of fire if the WRONG equipment is used
Bed bug heat treatments are carried out safely, for the most part, quite regularly in North America. However, a recent bed bug heat treatment using propane went horribly wrong in Vancouver. The heat treatment resulted in a a massive fire causing $4.5 million dollars in damage to an apartment building and caused serious injuries to a number of people including two small children and a grandmother. See the following links:

Courtesy CTV News Raw video footage of fire caused by bed bug  heat treatment
Metro Media            Bed bug heat treatment company charged and fined

The problem was that the wrong type of equipment was used and it resulted in disaster. However, there is one type of system that is 100% safe and poses no safety risks whatsoever... Keep reading!

Heat Treatment Options

There are a number of different types of systems used to kill bed bugs with heat. Propane, Electric and Glycol. 

The propane system, although the first to be utilized for this type of treatment has been replaced by more effective and safer methods - especially for higher levels of apartment buildings and large homes.

The electric based heater system has been shown to be effective but takes much longer to heat a space. This can cause repelling of the bed bugs into walls etc. and this system is often not powerful enough to heat an entire space to the required temperatures quickly enough to guarantee effective levels of heat penetration. 

Glycol. This system has been shown to be the safest and most effective heat treatment for killing bed bugs due to it's ability to heat a viscous liquid in a trailer outside of the premises and pump the heated fluid through to the heat exchangers located inside. 

This system has no risk of fire to the inside of the dwelling and the resulting heat produced for the heat extermination is far superior to any of the other methods. This reduces the time needed to get the job done and, unlike propane, the heat is more evenly distributed (with the help of supplemental fans).

Now, there are reputable bed bug heat treatment companies out there that are specially trained to apply whole-dwelling bed bug heat applications and make sure they have the proper insurance!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

The pricing for bed bug heat treatments in Toronto started out at over $1.50 per square foot. A couple of years after being introduced to the extermination market the price is somewhere around $1.00. The important thing to remember regarding price is the type of system being used. When considering the cost, setup and minimal intrusion to the dwelling, the glycol system comes out on top every time. 

After doing much research on the subject it is this author's opinion that the glycol system is, without a doubt, the one to go with. When consulting different heat companies simply ask... 'do you use a glycol based system?'... if the answer is 'no' find someone who does.

If you're considering whole-dwelling heat to kill your bed bugs, do your homework and hire someone reputable or risk being burned in the process. When done right the cost is well worth it.


Using heat to kill bed bugs is a fantastic way to eliminate the problem in one fell swoop. When done correctly, using the latest most effective equipment, getting rid bed bugs no longer needs to be the nightmare that it has been in the past.

A reputable bed bug heat treatment company in Toronto that uses the latest glycol based bed bugs extermination system is GreenTech heat purification. They service Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Grimsby, London, Oakville, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Ancaster, Brampton, Windsor, Oshawa and Barrie. You can visit their website here

GreenTech Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto