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Royal Forest Pest Control
Looking for a full service bed bug pest control in Toronto?

Royal Forest Pest Control is a reputable full service bed bug exterminator located in Toronto that has an 'A' Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The integrated approach to get rid of bed bugs consists of an initial two treatments that comprise a full crack and crevice treatment in all rooms of the house and treatment of all furniture in those rooms (with the exception of the kitchen - a perimeter is done there) for each treatment when necessary. The two bed bug treatments are spaced 10 to 14 days apart and are designed to 'break the life cycle' of the bed bug infestation.

In certain circumstances a steam treatment of bedroom furniture may compliment the chemical bed bugs treatment. Steam can be a very effective method of killing bed bug eggs. Royal Forest will not apply pesticides to baby furniture, thence a thorough steaming of those articles is accomplished. Heat, when applied correctly, will kill bed bugs and their eggs and a professional bed bug specific steamer is utilized to do the job.

In addition to proper and professional bed bug extermination, it is very important to properly process bed bug infested laundry. Part of Royal Forest Pest Control is a laundry division.

The bed bug laundry is processed utilizing professional washers and computerized, high efficiency computerized gas dryers. Royal Forest dries the bed bug laundry at 180 degrees for one full hour - more than enough to do the trick.

Finally, a proper preparation of the bed bug infested home is an essential element of getting rid of bed bugs. Decluttering, moving of the furniture away from the walls by about a foot, emptying of dresser drawers and removal of light switch and electrical outlet cover plates and propping up of the mattresses and box springs are necessary to give the bed bug exterminator proper access to areas that must be treated.

Some people are unable to properly prepare their home for bed bug extermination or simply do not have the time to do so.

Royal Forest Pest Control has a 'Prep' division that will send out a team of two who are specifically trained to prepare a home for bed bug treatment.

If professional bed bug treatment / extermination in Toronto is what you're after, you can contact Royal Forest Pest Control at (647) 866-2253 or click on this link


  1. Anonymous29/7/10

    I used Royal Forest Pest Control to get rid of our bed bugs. Their price was about the same as the rest out there but they spent alot of time with my wife on the phone giving her information (mostly to calm her down!) this bed bug problem has been a bit of a nighmare. Royal forest fixed the problem - thank freeking god! They were good if you're still looking for someone to help.

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  3. I used this company and had a good experience. I almost went with a cheeper guy but didn't get a good feeling with him. Royal did a fantastic job - nice to deal with people that care, I could tell I wasn't just another customer. Highly recommend royal forest. Nick in Scarborough

  4. Marie7/9/10

    I was extremely satisfied with Royal Forest, they were very professional and sympathetic. My calls were always returned within a few hours and almost always by the owner himself.
    He spent lots of time on the phone with me, calming me down and giving me hope that we would get this sorted out together.
    I would highly recommend them!

  5. PopperJack7/9/10

    Holy cow! This is beginning to sound like a royal forest pest control I also used royal forest but only after having another company come in to treat before. The first company didn't do much - we tried doing what we could ourselves but to no avail. Royal forest got rid of our bed bugs in two treatments - thank !#@$%&! God! Couldn't take it any more. Did most of our talking with 'Dan' - nice guy and knows his stuff (if maybe a bit too passionate about what they do) I guess they've earned some bragging rights (with us at least) because they did do a good job. Bug people - different lot but these guys are really good. Not common to find honest people these days - royal forest is a good operation. I'd recommend them.

  6. Allan G.13/11/10

    Royal forest pest control is a great company!

    I got bed bugs from visiting my wife's parents' house two months ago and staying with them for a few nights (in the States). When we got home, sure enough, we had them too!

    We called around - lots of companies out there - and we hired royal forest pest to come in.

    They were great! Right from the initail phone call to the treatments - Very professional.

  7. Anonymous12/1/11

    Very happy with Royal Forest Pest...

    Royal Forest did a good job getting rid of our bed bugs.

    We live in a three bedroom house in Scarborough and had a mild bed bug problem.

    Very good job from start to finish.

    Highly recommended!

  8. Anonymous19/1/11

    Great new Ontario Government website on bed bugs treatment.

    Gives good advice on bed bugs extermination and lots of bed bug pictures.

    Great advice on what to look for when choosing a bed bug extermination company too.

  9. T.J. - Scarborough21/2/11


    This is a class act!
    If you've got bed bugs in Toronto these are the guys to hire!

  10. Had the first treatment from them this past Thursday...looking good so far. Nice guy that they sent to do the job...

  11. Did a prep and extermination for my mom. A bit on the pricey side but worth it. I didn't want to go in there myself - Mom's happy so I'm happy.

  12. I am a landlord in Toronto. Bed bugs have become a huge problem in Toronto apartments (I manage three buildings in Scarborough).

    We used Royal to get rid of bed bugs in two of our apartment buildings. I am very happy with their service and more happy with the guarantee to come back at a discounted rate if necessary - we have some tenants that simply won't cooperate and Royal has worked very closely with us to mitigate and solve these issues.

    Our residents have actually commented on the politeness and punctuality of Royal's staff.

    We are very pleased with this service.
    (name withheld due to privacy regulation)

  13. Monica9/5/12

    My review of Royal Forest Pest Control is a good one with one exception; The girl on the phone was great, the technicians they sent for my bed bug treatments were very helpful and knowledgeable but the service guy was late for his second treatment and didn't call me to tell me he would be late.

    I am a pretty reasonable person and I understand that sometimes traffic is heavier than at other times but I would have appreciated a call to let me know. He arrived about 30 minutes late.

    I explained my dissatisfaction to Royal on the phone about not being told he would be late and they were very apologetic, I accepted their apology and they offered to send me a free mattress encasement, I already had some so I didn't need any more but the offer was nice.

    All in all my experience with them was good with the exception of that one thing.

  14. I had very good experience with Royal Pest control and we finally get rid of these creepy bed bugs. They really help me out. They send out the technicians and they were very helpful and firmly deal with bed bugs treatment. So as my part of review Royal Pest Control is very good and it was pleasure working with them.


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